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Autonomous Observing – 2018 Antarctica and Southern Ocean Forum

August 16, 2018

The engineering challenges of an autonomous underwater vehicle bound for Antarctica

11:00  -  11:20

To address strategic science questions about Antarctica and the Southern Ocean, the Antarctic Gateway Partnership project (AGP), a Special Research…

Lessons learnt from the long term deployment of an automated, rugged, remote photographic monitoring camera for monitoring of Antarctic Coastal processes.

11:20  -  11:40

There is widespread recognition of the benefits in automating procedures for the collection of scientific data, and an increasing ability…

The use of fibre optic gyroscope technology to determine underwater orientation of seafloor packages at high magnetic latitude locations

11:40  -  12:00

Underwater observing systems that collect information with a two or three spatial dimensions (water current vectors for example) generally measure…

Autonomous observations in extreeme environments

15:40  -  16:00

Observations in the Southern Ocean and Antarctic waters are sparse due to remoteness and challenging sea conditions. Most observations have…

The Icefin Hybrid ROV/AUV Explores the McMurdo and Ross Ice Shelves

16:00  -  16:20

Icefin is a hybrid remotely operated or autonomous underwater vehicle (ROV/AUV) that is both modular and field-portable; it is essentially…

Remotely operated vehicles for visually surveying deep-water biological ecosystems

16:20  -  16:40

Many marine protected areas often cover large expanses of deepwater habitat that are beyond depths that are practical by other…