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Biology and Biomass – 2018 Antarctica and Southern Ocean Forum

August 15, 2018

Spatial and temporal observations of the Antarctic marine ecosystem: the role of autonomous platforms past, present and future

13:30  -  13:50

The Antarctic marine environment is patchy at spatial and temporal scales. That is, there are large assemblages of biomass, collected…

Determination of the floe‐scale spatial variability of Antarctic pack-ice algal biomass using a Remotely Operated Vehicle instrumented with a hyperspectral radiometer

13:50  -  14:10

Antarctic pack ice serves as habitat for microalgae which contribute to Southern Ocean primary production and serve as important food…

Facilitating biological data collection from the world’s most extreme fisheries.

14:10  -  14:40

Australia has five commercial fishing vessels licenced to fish in Antarctic and sub-antarctic waters targeting the highly prized Antarctic toothfish,…

Autonomous Sampling devices for Marine Microbiology and eDNA analysis

14:40  -  15:10

In recent years novel genomic techniques such as qPCR, metagenomics and eDNA analysis have shown their utility as powerful tools…