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Sustained Measurements – 2018 Antarctica and Southern Ocean Forum

August 17, 2018

Hydrogen for energy storage in Antarctica – lessons learnt on the technical issues of generation, storage and use

09:00  -  09:20

Energy for electricity generation is a very precious resource in Antarctica. The cost of transport of non-renewable fuels to Antarctica…

Advancing the state of sea ice remote sensing with new instruments

09:20  -  09:40

Our knowledge of the state of sea ice (particularly areal extent and concentration) undertook a quantum leap in 1978 with…

A Web Based Framework for On-Board Decision Support Tools

09:40  -  10:00

When conducting complex, long duration marine science operations, one of the major challenges is making sense of the vast amount…

Hydrochemistry – What’s in the water?

10:00  -  10:20

Hydrochemistry is the chemical analysis of seawater and is primarily focussed on salinity, dissolved oxygen, and nutrients. The determination and…