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Finding Southern Ocean Data – an architecture for data discovery – 2018 Antarctica and Southern Ocean Forum

Finding Southern Ocean Data – an architecture for data discovery

August 16, 2018
13:30  -  13:50

The challenges involved in discovering and accessing Southern Ocean data are emblematic of
the issues associated with data discovery in other parts of the world. Datasets are scattered and
it is difficult to know where to look for them. However, the size of the Southern Ocean, logistical
challenges involved in sampling it, sparseness of existing samples, and the inherently
international nature of Southern Ocean science exacerbate these challenges. Those data
discovery tools that do exist for this region are generally either funded by and for a particular
nation or a particular scientific discipline. There is relatively little coordination between data
centres, so researchers are faced with a bewildering choice of data discovery tools, with little
indication of what each one holds. This opaqueness in turn discourages scientists from sharing
their data.
The Southern Ocean Observing System has, as one of its key objectives, the mission of making
Southern Ocean research data easier to find, access, and reuse. In this presentation, we will
demonstrate the data discovery tools we are developing and discuss the ways we are working
with our colleagues in national and international data communities to make data easier for
scientists to find and reuse. We will also discuss the challenges ahead in terms of aggregating
Southern Ocean data, with a focus on how scientists can help data managers to help scientists.

Session Category :  Data Science